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Image from page 81 of “The century illustrated monthly magazine” (1882)
Weight loss
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Identifier: centuryillustratv32newy
Title: The century illustrated monthly magazine
Year: 1882 (1880s)
Subjects: American literature
Publisher: New York : Century Co.
Contributing Library: Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection
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om intrusion orinterruption, and he will be saved the fatigueand loss of time incurred in ascending anddescending a ladder-chair thirty feet or morein height. The dome will weigh fifty tons.It will roll on an endless harnessed carriage.The sole and bed plates will be perfectly pro-tected from any variations of temperature, sothat there will be no trouble from expansionand contraction. The following table showsapproximately the ratio of quantity of mate-rial, cost, and resistance to motion of a hemi-spherical dome compared with a seven-eighths sphere, both being sixty-five feet inside diam-eter : y2 sphere. 7/% sphere. Quantity of metal I i.i Quantity of masonry I .59 Cost of metal… 1 1.26 Cost of masonry 1 .61 Total cost of dome 1 .915 Total weight above rollers I 1.35 Length of track in one revolution. . 217 feet 75 feet Resistance to motion 1 .46 Shutter, chair, and dome will be moved byhydraulic power, controlled by the observer inhis chair, after a plan devised by Captain Floyd.

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A SEA OF FOG, LOOKING WEST FROM OBSERVATORY PEAK. (FROM A PHOTOGRAPH BY LORYEA & MACAULAY.) . A CALIFORNIANS GIFT TO SCIENCE. 69 Pending the completion of the thirty-six-inch zenith. It is worked by endless wire ropesobjective by the Clarks, Captain Frasers plans conducted to pulleys attached to the lower side of the dome opposite the slit, which areset in motion by hand-ropes. The dome re-volves on a harnessed endless triple-wheeledcarriage and double track. The outer andinner wheels run on these tracks. The middlewheel receives the friction of the iron girderforming the base of the dome. Guide-wheelsrun on an inside plate, and a clutch grips arim on the upper edge of this plate, anchor-ing the dome securely to the tower. An end-less wire rope running in a groove around theouter rim of the tower, over a couple of large have been submitted to the criticism of Amer-ican and foreign astronomers, photographs ofthe drawings and copies of the specificationshaving been sent to them. Int

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Weight loss
Image by timtak
When I took my aging border collie bitch to the vet today, they pointed out that she has a swelling near her front left ankle (see note). The vet suggested benign adipoma, but asked if I would like a biopsy. Should I?

She has some weight loss. A little out of sorts. Probably a vaginal infection. Blood tests normal. No gum cancer or womb cancer (I know, bitches should be spayed).

Hikari got better and stopped peeing around the house. We had a biopsy done on the lump on her led and it was a benign adipoma. It seemed to cause her a little discomfort but it was not the cause of her recent death in January 2012.

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